1. If there is heavy rain we will not deliver or set the unit upon location.
  2.  If there is light rain and the forecast is calling for clearing skies the unit will be delivered and set up on location. The unit is NOT to be used in the rain. It is required that the rain has stopped, and the unit is wiped down before it can be used.
  3. If there are high winds, higher than 15 MPH, the unit can be set up but not inflated until the wind settles below 15 MPH. If the wind starts to pick up, the unit must be deflated, and you must wait to inflate the unit until the wind settles down.
  4. If the temperate drops below 42 degrees, the unit will not be delivered. If the temperature drops below 42 degrees while the unit is set up on location the renters are required to deflate the unit and not inflate the unit until the temperature rises above 42 degrees